We are extremely humbled and honored to announce that Veteran's Ananda has partnered with the students of the "Tipp Tiny House" program out of Tippecanoe High School in Tipp City, Ohio.


Thanks to the generosity and kindness of the students and staff in the "Tipp Tiny House" program, students in the Homebuilding II & III classes are leading the design and production of micro houses to be donated to Veteran's Ananda. Once completed, the micro houses will be transported to New York and placed on the property of Veteran's Ananda's Retreat and Homestead. They will house individuals who take part in the short-duration, high impact retreats and long-term post traumatic growth programs.

We are excited to develop this partnership with Tippecanoe High School, especially their Tipp Tiny House program! To learn more please click here.